Handmade Throat Chakra - Aquamarine, Clear Quartz, & Soldalite Gemstone Bracelet


Wrist Size

Sodalite is associated with the Throat Chakra and is a stone of self-expression and confidence. You can use this crystal to help promote trust in one's own judgment, allowing you to then speak your truth and stand up for what you believe in. This is what keeps the Throat Chakra clear, balanced, and healthy.

Aquamarine facilities relaxation and reflection. It imparts refreshing energy, hope, harmony, and peace. Aquamarine is a good healing stone. It allows you to go with the flow and provides soothing energy that senses go with the flow frequencies.

Clear Quartz can put her under a full moon so her own energy intensifies and will bring you more of her power. She also helps to clear any negative energy that’s hanging out in your aura. Improves your Clair abilities as well as provide you a clear channel so you can receive your messages in a crystal clear way.


WRIST SIZES: Please measure wrist size before purchasing bracelets. When selecting a size please note that it is based on actual wrist size, not the length of the bracelet. If you want customize your bracelet please comment in the note box for size adjustments or additional changes.

Women's Sizes
Small: 6"
Medium: 6.5"
Large: 7" 
X-Large 7.5"


Men's Sizes
Small: 6.5"
Medium: 7"
Large: 7.5" 
X-Large: 8"


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