Intuitive Readings

Get the latest spiritual 411 on what Spirit has to say to say to all your burning questions.Want to know how to get your energy in check? How to get out of your own head to receive the messages from the universe? Wondering if you’re on the right path? Wanting to know if life will ever give you a golden opportunity? Needing some advice on your love life? Or just curious as to know what you’re projecting out to the universe? As an intuitive energy reader. I use divination tools suchs a tarot and oracle cards to help you gain certainty, clarity, and awareness. Working with a variety of different decks between oracle and tarot. I am able to help you unpack energies that you may have been carrying from the past or pushing your way through into the future. I will also help to reveal the vibes that you are likely to attract with information provided by the cards. The reading will give results on how you can better navigate life and become a conscious creator being. With my intuitive skills and gifts. I receive information channeled from Spirit with a divine message provided from the cards. The reading will provide insight, empowerment, motivation, peace of mind, divine knowledge and wisdom. 

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Bethalize has the most amazing gift of channeling and engaging with spirit. She is able to communicate in a way that is understandable and unique to your soul. She has such a way of leaving you with clarity and empowerment. I highly recommend you give yourself the gift of booking a reading with her!

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