Reiki FAQ

The Japanese translation of reiki is Rei - Spiritual Wisdom Ki- Life Force Energy For many centuries, ancient healing modalities such as Feng Shei, Yoga, Tai Chi, Ayurveda, and Acupuncture developed the knowledge; that holistic health is directly correlated to an individual's energy of "Chi" in Chinese and "prana" in Sanskrit. It has been widely known and proven in Eastern Medicine, now more commonly known and studied in Western Medicine. It has been practiced and studied for centuries that the mind, body and spirit are intricately connected. In science, the physical body has an energetic field also known as an aura, that requires routine alignment to achieve wellness, balance and vitality. 

It can become challenging when our chakras become blocked due to trauma (past or present), stangnet energy from chronic stress, anxiety, low vibrational emotions, like anger, self-doubt, fear, worry and so on. This can cause our Chakras to be imbalanced or under-charged which can cause stagnant energy to stay in the body and can oftentimes manifest as illness, disease and physical pain. 

Reiki healing is an effective and safe way of preventing and withstanding imbalances and low vibrational energies, as it helps to dispel and release all heavy emotions, negative thought patterns and programming, whilst restoring the body back to its highest state.

Here is a list of some beneficial ways Reiki can bless your life!

• Brings about deep relaxation  allowing the body to release chronic stress and tension.

• Releases chronic stress & physical pain.

• Improves natural balance between mind, body & spirit

• Accelerates natural healing of wounds emotionally and physically.

• Activates & balances all Seven Major Chakras to optimal state.

• Helps to change negative conditioning, programming and behavior.

• Dismantles and releases energy blockages and accelerates the body's natural healing abilities

• Cleanse and clear houses, objects and/or any other space desired as well as spirit release.

• Assists with insomnia to promote better rest and sleep.

• Helps to manage grief, trauma, heartbreak & depression with emotional clearings.

• Help to balance animals and pets on a physical, mental/emotional, and energetic level.

• Can ease exhaustion, nausea, relieve uncomfortable symptoms and provide support and healing to the baby during & after pregnancy.

• Assist with reducing anxiety before a surgical procedure and speeds up healing post-operation

• Provides clarity to the mind and improves focus as you feel centered and grounded

• Supports in relieving physical pain and ailments such as common cold, injuries & menstruation symptoms

• Serves as a safe and non-intrusive healing approach that complements as well to easily integrate with medical treatment and conventional therapies.

Imagine life where you could release all your stress, anxiety, depression, physical aches and pains; along with your old emotional worries. Imagine being able to feel refreshed, rejuviated, and revitalized. Imagine getting all of these amazing benefits and more without leaving the comfort of your own home. Luckily we are part of a quantum field that transcends time and space to facilitate divine wisdom to take part in distant healing. The divine energy allows people to receive the benefits of reiki anywhere around the world. Despite the person being unable to be physically present.

The reason we are alive and breathing is because of the prana (life force energy) that flows through us. Energy flows within our physical body through pathways called the Chakras, Meridians, Tissues, Organs & Auras. However, when energy is suppressed (ie. negative thoughts, suppressed trauma and/or emotions) this can manifest in disease mental health issues, or diminished function in organs and the physical body. Reiki heals by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field, removing suppressed emotions, negative thought patterns or behaviors, suppressing trauma and charges or dissolves them and replaces them with positive higher vibrational  energy

Reiki allows us to turn off our chronic sympathetic nervous system which turns our “fight or flight on. The energy helps by clearing the constant thoughts and emotional chatter we have within our minds. Reiki allows our bodies to relax as it enters Theta Brain Waves inviting healing, rejuvenation, and bliss .Within all areas of the body in a natural, healthy way.

During a reiki session a  gentle subtle, soothing energy flows from the practitioner's hands into the client, promoting relaxation and releasing tension.

Reiki energy is very intelligent and knows exactly where to go for healing. The Practitioner is the conduit for the healing taking place. Music is played in the background depending on the client’s choice. The practitioner channels Reiki energy through a series of hand placements that correspond to the endocrine system, major organs, and energy centres. While each session is unique to each person, most and if not all clients report feeling a sense of warmth, coolness or tingling at the site being treated that leaves them feeling peaceful, relaxed and rejuvenated. 

Clients can and may feel a number of ways after each session. Most report a feeling of peace, happiness, calmness, a feeling of being refreshed, rejuvenated, with reduction or elimination of pain physically or emotionally, being enlightened and/or gaining new spiritual insight. While there may be some cases where the client may feel a sense of emotional release by crying or feeling overwhelmed it’s all normal and natural,  It is all part of the healing experience. All clients are encouraged to drink plenty of water after the session to help flush out the toxins in both your energetic and physical body. As the Reiki energy is still working and flowing through you, the subtle energies may still be working with releasing old stored emotions, and may come up days after your session. 

Reiki has not only been proven to be just efficient and effective during in-person sessions, but it also has the same powerful effects remotely. The Reiki energy restores and balances the physical, mental, and spiritual energies, also promoting relaxation, clarity and healing benefits. Clearing out any energetic blockages, or stagnant energy that does not align with the person’s mind, body, and soul. All toxic and low vibrational energies are cleared, cut, and released. Anything that does not resonate with the client’s highest good is cleared and transmuted during the session.

All sessions will include channeled reiki along with a written summary of the session. Which may include i.e. any blockages/chakras, channeled messages and/or divine guidance. For extra insight and support Bethalize will provide an intuitive card pull to provide you with any guidance you need to know to help inspire and empower you during your soul's journey. 

Please allow up to 1-2 business days for your session summary to be sent via email.

You can book a private remote session with me here. Once your appointment has been booked you will receive a confirmation email with instructions and details about the session.

The session is done at the comfort of your own home or wherever you are. Just be open to receiving the divine healing energy as it does the work for you.  The only suggestion would be to have to make sure that you’re in a quiet relaxing space. Making sure you will not be disturbed throughout the duration of your session. While outside activity does not take away the reiki benefits, it’s beneficial to give yourself the undivided  attention to receive the best healing experience you deserve. 

All readings and healing sessions are final once appointments have been booked. Please email at a minimum of 24 hours to cancel or reschedule your booked appointment to avoid a cancellation fee of $25.