Handmade Crown Chakra -Amethyst Energy Healing Gemstone Bracelet


Wrist Size

Amethyst is stone of spiritual, protection and purification cleanings one's energetic field of negative influences and attachments. It provides clarity regarding the soul’s mission and purpose. Amethyst carries a high frequency that clears the aura and the chakras especially the crown chakra and purifies the individual removing any negative energy that sits in the energetic field. 

Moonstone not only helps you to connect with love but it provides you with all the love that you missing out on giving yourself and to others. Moonstone opens up that heart chakra so during these crazy times when the moon is at its wildest moonstone can keep those emotional tides at bay. If you’re feeling in a creative funk moonstone has all the power to have those creative juices flowing through you and all around you. 



WRIST SIZES: Please measure wrist size before purchasing bracelets. When selecting a size please note that it is based on actual wrist size, not the length of the bracelet. If you want to customize your bracelet please comment in the note box for size adjustments or additional changes.

Women's Sizes
Small: 6"
Medium: 6.5"
Large: 7" 
X-Large 7.5"


Men's Sizes
Small: 6.5"
Medium: 7"
Large: 7.5" 
X-Large: 8"