All Things Love Spread




Love is the common theme that most people ask about in any reading. This spread is dedicated to love and relationships. This spread will allow you to know about your love life whether you're single or in a relationship.  Use this to help you with what you need to learn about your commitment, communication, soulmate, and soul lessons about love. Bethalize will provide an intuitive/channeled message during the reading that will assist you with relaying any divine messages that come through during the session.

Card #1: What ways can I allow more love into my life? 

Card #2: What is the best way to express my love? 

Card #3: What can I do to find (and/or) maintain long lasting love? 

Card #4: What is something I can learn about commitment? 

Card #5: Something I can learn about trust? 

Card #6: Something I can learn about communication? 

Card #7: What can I do to align myself with the love I am cultivating in my life? 

Card #8: What is my soul learning about love?

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