Handmade Heart Chakra -Malachite & Green Aventurine Gemstone Bracelet


Wrist Size

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Malachite is excellent for new relationships. Known in the gemstone healing world as a warrior stone. Malachite serves as a guardian of the heart the area that often takes a brutal beating. Whether it's closed to heal emotional wounds or open to new love, Malachite is on guard, allowing its healing energy to flow through your heart chakra and giving you a new sense of vitality and spiritual renewal.

Green Aventurine stones have very soothing energy this stone helps you feel more at home in your world. It helps calm the heart from fear, stress, and anxiety. Green Aventurine’s clarity helps you spot problems with depression or feeling defeated, and crystallizes unhealthy relationship patterns. 


WRIST SIZES: Please measure wrist size before purchasing bracelets. When selecting a size please note that it is based on actual wrist size, not the length of the bracelet. If you want customize your bracelet please comment in the note box for size adjustments or additional changes.

Women's Sizes
Small: 6"
Medium: 6.5"
Large: 7" 
X-Large 7.5"


Men's Sizes
Small: 6.5"
Medium: 7"
Large: 7.5" 
X-Large: 8"


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