Virgo Season Tarot Spread



The universe had it's fun expressing itself during Leo Season but gives us a dose of reality and brings us down to earth during Virgo Season during August 22nd-September 23rd the cosmos help us to get our life together during this time. Virgo is the zodiac that loves being of service by paying attention to finer details, breaking the systems down to see what's working and what's slowing our systems down. Virgo is the mutable maiden who thrives in the details and being of service to others. Virgo is all about the analytics, organization, getting the job done and doing it right the first time. While Leo Season was a time for self expression, Virgo Season is a time for self-reflection. This sign shows us the beauty in slowing down and reviewing and refocusing on what matters to us the most and how to make the world a better place for us all. Bethalize will provide an intuitive message during the reading that will assist you with relaying any divine messages, as well as interpret the meaning of each card pull.  

Card #1 What card represents my energy during Virgo Season? 

Card #2 How can I find joy in with working with the smaller details in my life? 

Card #3 What are areas in my life that I can be organized this season?

Card #4 Message from my Spirit Guides to help me be more of service season?


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