Sagittarius Season Tarot Spread



Welcome to Sagittarius season where we are met with new life, a fresh perspective, and a thirst for knowledge and expansion. Sagittarius is the explorer, the adventurer, the truth seeker, and the all knowing. We took a deep dive into Scorpio season and now feeling like we have given birth to new life during Sagittarius season. This is where curiosity meets wisdom and optimism touches every corner with possibilities. Sagittarius is the archer pointing it's arrow in whatever direction the calling feels the strongest, not looking at what's right in front of it but ahead is where the zest for life lives. Sagittarius season is the time to explore beyond familiar territories, expand your knowledge in philosophical studies, and deepen spiritual practices. This is Sagittarius Season let go and let your mind be free.Bethalize will provide an intuitive message during the reading that will assist you with relaying any divine messages, as well as interpret the meaning of each card pull.  

Card #1 What card represents my inner archer this Sagittarius season? 

Card #2 How can I nourish my curiosity and thirst for knowledge this season?

Card #3 What are truths I need to explore during this season?

Card #4 Message from my Spirit Guides to show me how to be more free spirited?


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