Cancer Season Tarot Spread



Moving from the busy mind of Gemini Season and entering the intuitive and nurturing Cancer season. Starting June 21st to July 22nd is the season of Cancer the archetype of the Mother, Healer, and High Priestess. Cancer is a cardinal sign governing the water element. So this season is all about initiating change in the way we feel our emotions and how we communicate our wants and needs with our close circle. Cancer provides us with a time to nourish not only our emotions but our soul. How we take timeout of our daily lives to feel into what is working and what is not. How can we dive deep into ourselves to heal our wounds and nurturer our inner child during this season. Cancer Season allows us to find balance between comforting our emotions while also cultivating change to break from our old shells. Bethalize will provide an intuitive message during the reading that will assist you with relaying any divine messages, as well as interpret the meaning of each card pull.  

Card #1 Card to represent my energy during this Cancer Season? 

Card #2 How can I connect to my emotional needs and wants during this season?

Card #3 How can I provide nourishment, support, and comfort for myself? 

Card #4  What can I are ways I can come out of my shell this season?

Card #5 Message from my Spirit Guides to help me support my inner child?

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