Virgo Season Tarot Spread



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Welcome to the season where attention to detail is a must and checking off our to-do list is a fun task, and our inner organizer comes out to refresh and restart our inner and outer worlds. It's Virgo season from August 23rd to Sept 23rd, the time where we review our resources, routines, and relationships that make up our daily lives. Virgo is the sign that likes to learn but loves to teach and the lessons are in the details. This season teaches us what skills and talents we have and how we can access them to create a practical reality where we can be rooted in success, thrive in our glory, and flourish in our endeavors. Bethalize will provide an intuitive message during the reading that will assist  you with relaying any divine messages, as well as interpret the meaning of each card pull.  

Card #1 What card represent me during Virgo season? 

Card #2 What areas in my life do I need to hit the restart button this season?

Card #3 How can I apply the lessons I have been taught this season?

Card #4 What are my talents and skills, and how can I use them to flourish and thrive?

Card #5 Message from My Spirit Guides to help me align myself to receive and access the best resources and knowledge this season?


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