Taurus Season Tarot Spread



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Welcome to Taurus Season where the vibes are filled with earthy luxury, grounded practicatlity, stable santuary, and good taste in everything. Taurus shows us to slow down and smell the roses between April 20th-May 20th. This Earth element is ruled by Venus the planet of luxury, love, value, pleasure, beauty, and art. So while Taurus can be both grounded and hard working earth sign, she also knows how to make things last so she can put her feet up and enjoy the fruits of her labor. Taurus season encourges us to tap into the sensual parts of our humaness to harness the powerful energy of this bountiful Earth sign. Slow down to enjoy the simple pleasures of life with your senses and spend time with doing things that fill you with the most joy. Bethalize will provide an intuitive message during the reading that will assist you with relaying any divine messages, as well as interpret the meaning of each card pull.  

Card #1 Card to represent my energy during this Taurus Season? 

Card #2 How can I enjoy more luxury and pleasure this season?

Card #3 How I can ground myself to acheive my goals? 

Card #4  What are ways I can connect with my Divine Feminine?

Card #5 Message from my Spirit Guides to help me slow down this season?

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