What Does Your Soul Needs Spread



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Do you catch yourself giving yourself extra TLC after a burnout?  Or feel that you have that your cup is dry and needs a refill ASAP? This spread will let you dive into those self-care pockets where you need to focus on taking care of yourself and being present with higher self. This spread is a great way for you to take a moment to reflect and drop in mind, body, and soul. Allowing yourself to be open to what’s been neglected in your life, and how you can be aware of your needs. Bethalize will provide an intuitive/channeled message during the reading that will assist you with relaying any divine messages that come through during the session.

Card #1 What is something my soul needs right now? 

Card #2 Something I can do to nourish my mind, body and soul? 

Card #3 What ways I can get better at recognizing what my soul wants? 

Card #4 What is something I can be more aware of when it comes to what my soul needs versus what ego wants?

Card #5 In what ways can I better communicate my needs to others?

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